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short version:
I'm an artist, author and textile designer and this blog is my artist's journal - the place where I share what I create, my {sometimes lengthy} thoughts on things in the form of a post or a podcast, what inspires me and makes me happy in the hopes it will inspire you too. thank you for visiting me here.

long version:
What started out as one day a week, Thursdays, set aside to be a bit more creative while working a 9 to 5 job....Creative Thursday, has become a full time business featuring the art of Marisa Anne Cummings, or as I like to call it a dream come true.

That's my favorite "little" bio. I've written so many over the years and the one above seems to continuously be the best "all around" one of what Creative Thursday embodies.

So this brings you to my blog. I started my blog six years ago now, with a move to Typepad in August 2008. I started a blog because I was advised that "every business should have a blog". At the same time I also became inspired to participate in the online daily painter's movement. And to be a daily painter online it is helpful to have a blog to post your paintings to ~ so I thought "perfect, I need a blog!"

But over the last six years this blog has become so much more than a place to post my paintings. It has become my personal chronicle of the best parts of my life. It has become a place where I turn to to remind myself of all that is good in my life. And occasionally through some posts and most definitely my podcasts, you can follow along on the journey with me as I share my thoughts on appreciating and understanding life, especially the creative life.

Otherwise, this blog is the home to my many creations, what inspires me and makes me happy with an intent to share it with you.

While I {still} sometimes agonize far too long over the writing of most of my posts and podcasts that I hit "publish" on. While social media, twitter and Instagram in particular have stolen me away. While writing my book in 2012 has kept me quieter than usual in this space. I still love blogging, and I thank each and every one of you for visiting now and all the years prior - and for so many of you who have taken the time to comment or send me a kind note.
My hope is that for everyone who visits here: that you leave feeling a little more joy, than when you arrived.